The Perfect Wedding Cake

If you are getting married, there is plenty to think about including one of the wedding venues near high wycombe or anywhere else in the UK, the wedding dress and guest list. And almost as important is the wedding cake, a big part of any reception.

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The Importance of the Wedding Cake

Some form of cake has been made and eaten at weddings ever since ancient Roman times, and since then the cake has symbolized good fortune, happiness or fertility over the centuries. The sweet wedding cake as we know it today originated in 17th century Britain, and the white coloured cake was made popular during the late 19th century to match Queen Victoria's white dress. Today's wedding cake typically costs anything between 200 and 500 pounds.

Types of Wedding Cake

Most couples think of a white tiered cake, although there are many other styles and sizes of cake; don't be pressured into spending more than your budget allows. The overall look and design of the cake can say something about your interests and personality. A wedding cake can be as elaborate as you want, with columns, decorations, flowers, different coloured layers, although the more decorative, the more it will cost. Many couples have a cake topper; these decorative figures were popular in the US in the 1950s and represented togetherness. The topper can be a simple representation of a couple in wedding attire, or can represent your personality or interests, such as a sport, hobby or favourite holiday spot. And of course, the topper is the only part of the cake that can be kept indefinitely, and many couples do just that.

Wedding Cake Flavours and Ingredients

If you choose the more traditional white cake, it's likely to be almond or butter cream flavours, although chocolate, strawberry, orange and vanilla are also popular flavours. Most couples try to keep the flavouring simple to appeal to as many guests as possible. Fillings can range from carrot or chocolate to Italian cream or rum, and frosting can be smooth or patterned. In some cultures, two wedding cakes are common, one for the bride and one for the groom and many couples choose to serve the groom's cake at the rehearsal dinner. Of course, your cake has to be transported to your wedding venue; in many cases, it's easier to transport the cake in sections and then assemble it and add the decorative touches at that time.